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RUNWAY Flashcards is a new and unique software that has been developed so that you can learn all the Hebrew vocabulary you need - easily, effectively & permanently!

How does it work?

Using a unique ‘spaced-repetition’ technology, you will be tested frequently on words that are difficult for you to learn, and less often on the words that you find easy to remember. You will be tested again and again (and again!) until you just can’t forget the vocab you want to learn.

Commit to just 5-10 minutes of learning per day, and you will see huge improvements within a single week.

The flashcards are accessible 24/7, wherever you are – all you need is an internet connection, and your computer, tablet or smartphone!

Who is it for and what words will I learn?

RUNWAY Flashcards is an invaluable tool for Hebrew learners of all ages & stages (as long as you can read Hebrew), and suitable for professionals, tourists, Olim, school, university and adult education students.

The flashcards give you access to over 12,000 terms organized into 42 subjects (each broken down into further smaller sub-topics) - so that you can tailor your learning to your individual needs.

The entire vocabulary is taken from the best-selling book ‘English Hebrew by Subject’ by Hanna G. Perez , which is used and endorsed by the Jewish Agency and Cambridge University, as well as many other leading Universities, Ulpanim, High Schools and Adult Education Centres internationally.

Topics include: Tourism & Transport, Computing, Sport, Education, Clothing, Food, Health, Art, Human Body, The Environment, Family & Identity, Economy, House & Real Estate, The Universe, Weather, Animals, Music, Politics, Army, Sciences, Literature, Religion, and more...)

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How do I sign up?

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